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  • 1. What is a total hip replacement?

    Total hip replacement is procedure to remove arthritic hip joint and replaces them with prosthetic implants which allows pain free and good range of motion of hip joint.

  • 2. How is a total hip replacement surgery done?

    In a total hip replacement operation, the surgeon replaces the damaged surfaces of the hip joint with an artificial hip joint. The damaged head of the femur (thighbone) is replaced with a metal or ceramic ball mounted on a stem; the stem is placed firmly into the canal of the thighbone at its upper end. The acetabulum (hip socket) is prepared and implanted with a metal cup and plastic or ceramic insert. The ball and insert glide together to replicate the hip joint.

  • 3. How long does a hip replacement last?

    The conventional arrangement of a metal on polyethylene bearing has been shown to have positive results over the years. How long it will last depends not only on age, but also a patient’s activity level. Newer hip replacement materials using more durable ceramic and titanium have made major advances in hip replacement technology. Demand and activity levels are generally considered when the surgeon works with you to decide which type of hip replacement materials are best for you.

  • 4. How long will I stay in the hospital after surgery?

    Typically, you will stay in the hospital 3-4 days after surgery, depending on physical therapy and post surgery recovery time. Once you’re able to walk longer distances and are making consistent progress, you’ll be ready to go home.