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Dr. Payal Patel

Dr. Payal Patel

B.P.T, M.P.T, M.F.I.M.T
Dr. Payal Patel started providing her service at shalya orthopaedic hospital & joint replacement in 2015, she provide consulting and supervision to patient about regular exercise to restore strength and mobility to hip and a gradual return to everyday activities are important for full and safe recovery after hip replacement surgery.
The pain from hip problems before patient surgery and the pain and swelling after surgery have weakened the hip muscles. A full recovery will take many months. The exercises and activities from physiotherapist will help hip muscles recover fully.
Dr Payal enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, exercising and reading.
  • Early Postoperative

    Ankle Pumps, Ankle Rotations

    Bed-Supported Knee Bends

    Buttock Contractions, Abduction Exercise

    Quadriceps Set, Straight Leg Raises

    Single stage or two stage septic exchange arthroplasty in infected total hip replacement and total knee replacement

    Complex acetabulum trauma

    Complex pelvic trauma

    Percutaneous fracture fixation acetabulum & pelvic fractures

    Complex hip fractures fixation

  • Advanced Exercises and

    Resistive Hip Flexion

    Resistive Hip Abduction

    Resistive Hip Extensions