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Dr. Kartik Patel

Dr. Kartik Patel

Dr. Kartik D. Patel is one of the renowned Hip & Pelvic Acetabulum Surgeon who deals with various adult problems around hip joint ranging from arthritis, complex fracture, infection, sports injury and revision surgeries in India. People from various states and nations consults Dr. Kartik Patel for their hip problems and doctors around glob refer him for advance hip diseases and hip complications. Apart from treatment he gives personal time and attention to each and every patient until full recovery of his patients. His vast experience, unique expertise and sympathetic attitude towards each patient makes him unique and reliable.
Today Dr. Kartik D. Patel is a successful and proud owner of Shalya orthopaedic hospital which is tertiary reference centre for any hip and joint replacement related problems. He has studied very hard to fulfil his dreams from one of reputed medical college in Gujarat. There is a long list of his achievements. He has always topped in academics. After perusing M.S. (Ortho), he went for various fellowships in Indian like Chennai which is hub for medical science in India and abroad in countries like Australia, Germany, USA to learn latest advancement in orthopaedics and cutting edge technology. He started his practice as specialist in hip, pelvic and acetabulum surgeon. He has a huge fan following of patients who are really happy with the way he cures them. His hospital is blessed with all the modern technical support systems needed for surgery. The ambiance of the hospital and dedication shown by hospital staff and doctor will force you to get well soon.
His greatest strength is his hospital staff who are well trained and efficient enough to manage any kind of emergency at any given time. Dr. Kartik D. Patel has expertise in operating and treating all kinds of hip diseases. Patients who were not able to move can now move freely without any support. This is the magic created by Dr. Kartik D. Patel treatment.
The Hospital has an exclusive centre for advanced hip replacement technique - Direct anterior approach. Dr. Kartik Patel is pioneer of Direct Anterior Approach which helped his patients a lot to achieved their dreams to gain normalcy post hip replacement without any discomfort. Dr. Kartik D. Patel was given precious award in AIMS, Delhi in CCA conference for one of difficult case treated with direct anterior approach.
  • Speciality

    Primary total & partial hip replacement

    Complex primary hip replacement in complex situation like post-traumatic,post-infected, childhood defects, post-operative joint damage

    Revision hip replacement in previously operated replacement cases, large acetabulum defects, large femoral defects

    Complex primary knee replacement

    Revision knee replacement in prevision operated replacement cases

    Single stage or two stage septic exchange arthroplasty in infected total hip replacement and total knee replacement

    Complex acetabulum trauma

    Complex pelvic trauma

    Percutaneous fracture fixation acetabulum & pelvic fractures

    Complex hip fractures fixation

  • Education


    Smt. N.H.L Municipal Medical Collage & Sheth V.S General Hospital.

    Master of Surgery (Orthopedics)

    Smt. N.H.L Municipal Medical Collage

    Sheth V.S General Hospital

    Sheth K. M. School Of Postgraduate & Medical Research Institute.